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How You Can Use Blogs and RSS Feeds To Build Your Brand

Posted on: April 16th, 2008 by Joe Giordano No Comments

Communications, marketing, and public relations expert Sally Falkow will be RSS Ray’s guest for this weeks show. Listen in as RSS Ray grills Sally on how to use blogs, and RSS feeds to build your brand and create your unique message. Sally, a recognized expert in social media, says that the best way to build a brand is to create a solid platform from which to launch a brand statement and positioning. She will explain that in detail and give tips that will get you on the road to building your own brand.

Branding is not just for the big companies with millions to spend on brand building campaigns. Today with social media, blogs, and RSS Feeds, you can effectively compete even with a limited budget. These new media have effectively leveled the playing field so that anyone can create a brand that customers will remember, even a very small business.

How to Increase Your RSS Subscribers Using Email

Posted on: December 21st, 2007 by Joe Giordano 1 Comment

Here’s an interesting article from Wednesday’s show guest, Matt Browne of Integral Impressions about their new product, Nourish.

If you publish content on a blog or news website, you likely know that your RSS subscribers are your bread and butter. Sure, you’ll appreciate anyone who’s willing to read your article. However, it’s your RSS subscribers that have the season pass to your content. Those are the people you know you’ll be putting your articles in front of every time you publish one.

Savvy marketers are always looking out for better and more efficient ways to increase their subscriber count. One way to increase your subscriber count is to simply increase the number of potential subscribers and let the numbers work themselves out. You can do this by allowing your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed through email. What’s more, you can now do this quickly and easily using Nourish.

What does Nourish do?
Nourish is a new web service which allows you to take any RSS feed from content you publish, like from a blog or news website, and convert it into an automated email newsletter your readers can subscribe to.

Why is this important?
RSS is a fantastic technology which allows your readers to subscribe to your content and consume it on a regular basis. However, only 4% of Internet users knowingly sign up for RSS syndicated content, and only 12% are somewhat aware of the term RSS. In contrast, almost all of Internet users use email regularly.
By offering your RSS content via email as well, you significantly increase your potential subscriber base.

What’s so special about Nourish?
Nourish takes a minimalist approach to the problem by only focusing on the most important aspects of an automated, RSS-driven email newsletter. Rather than being good at many things, Nourish looks to be great at one thing. The result is a simple and usable application that allows you to complete all the right tasks quickly and efficiently.

Some particularly useful features include:

1) Flexible scheduling
2) Ability to combine multiple feeds into a single campaign
3) Open-rate and click-through-rate tracking
4) Paid accounts have the ability to build fully-custom templates
5) Free accounts available (ad supported)

Who’s behind Nourish?
Nourish was built by the folks over at Integral Impressions. Integral Impressions specializes in providing Internet Marketing products and services. They are the people behind other useful applications such as Outlandish and EasyCropper.

Nourish is a great solution for bloggers and other content publishers who want to offer their readers more choices to subscribe to the content they create. While RSS is a great technology, it just hasn’t achieved the level of adoption that email has. By offering an email-based alternative to potential subscribers, you significantly increase your chances of hooking them.

Author: Matt Brown
Matt Browne is the co-founder of Integral Impressions– a San Diego based interactive advertising agency specializing in Search, Email, and Web Application development. For more information visit Integral Impressions or call 888.882.2242.

Turn Your RSS Feed Into a Next Generation Newsletter

Posted on: December 17th, 2007 by Joe Giordano No Comments

Tune in to RSS Ray this Wednesday to learn how you can turn your companies RSS Feed into a next generation newsletter via email. Matt Browne of Integral Impressions joins RSS Ray and will explain how thier latest product, Nourish, allows you to managemet multiple campaigns through your RSS Feeds.

Prior to starting Integral Impressions, Matt Browne had a decade of experience in information technology and over 7 years of dedicated study to online marketing, conversion rates, and behavioral analytics. Browne is widely recognized by his peers as an innovator having published research & editorials in MarketingSherpa, Marketing Experiments, Inman News, and Z-News.

Listen live this Wednesday 1pm Eastern/10 Pacific on

The Future of Blogging

Posted on: August 20th, 2007 by Joe Giordano No Comments

Blogs are entering a new era where they are no longer just black text on a white backgroung. With Go Daddy’s new Quick Blogcast, a combination of their popular Quick Blog and Quick Podcast, Blogs are going multimedia.

“Quick Blogcast allows people to tell their own stories with audio, video, photos and text over the Internet. It’s a great way to let people around the corner or around the world know what you or your business are doing.” said Warren Adelman, President and Chief Operating Officer of

The new Quick Blogcast features more that 50 design templates that can be customized to fit each user. Quick Blogcast allows several authors to have joint access to one blogcast, and content can not only be posted form a computer, but mobile phones or PDAs as well. Another very cool feature is the ability to weave RSS feeds into your blogcast.

To find out more information on and their new Quick Blogcast tool visit

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