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15 Things to Make More Sales

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Wish you had more sales? That’s everyone’s dream. Here are 15 things that you can do right now to turn your sales dream into reality.


1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If you want to get found on social media, your company’s profiles need to be optimized. Doing this gives people more ways to find your business. It helps get higher natural search rankings. Additionally, customers look for your social media profiles. In fact, the average person spends more time on Facebook than Google. Optimize your profiles by including correct contact information, keywords in descriptions and using proper categories.

2. Attract Social Media Followers

A good following on social media strengthens your customer stream. If you want more followers, you need to give them REASONS to follow you. According to an IBM study, most people want discounts, purchasing information, reviews and exclusive information. Too often, companies fall into the trap of talking about themselves on social media. Your followers aren’t going to care about your company history and awards until you help them with their needs.

3. Grow Your Names List

Not everyone is going to be ready to buy from you right away. That’s where a names list comes in handy. A names list is a database of existing customers, past customers and prospects. With a names list, you can use electronic and automated marketing to keep talking with prospects until they’re ready to buy. Get into the habit of segmenting your list by age, gender, product purchases, etc. By doing this, you can send more targeted messages to your customers. Segmenting can improve the chances of people buying from you.

4. Use Coupons

Customers, especially women, love coupons. If you don’t believe us, just look at JCPenney. Their “no more coupons” experiment was a disaster. People expect coupons. Offer your customers coupons that catch their eyes and provide value. It’s important to develop deals and incentives that will drive purchases, but won’t kill profit margins.

5. Network With Area Merchants

Imagine if one employee from each of the neighboring businesses around your company bought something from you. Employees from neighboring businesses can be some of your biggest customers. Think about it. Suppose you own an auto repair shop. Work with a nearby businesses to drive customer traffic. Get the business to share your coupons with their employees. You can do the same at your repair shop with your employees. You’ll both be getting customers!

smartphone6. Use Email and Text Message Marketing

How many people use their smartphones at your business? People are addicted to them. They sleep with them. Some even use them in the bathroom! If you want to reach more customers, use email or text message marketing. They’re more likely to read and have that message on them than a junk mail coupon that they got in the mail.

7. Regularly Inspect Your Marketing Numbers

How can you improve your sales if you don’t know what’s affecting them? Regularly look at your marketing numbers to determine whether it’s effective and affordable for your business. Don’t just examine at sales conversions. Look at other things like email open rates, blog post views, landing page clicks, social media follows, etc. The more you know, the better decisions you can make with your marketing spend.

8. Use LinkedIn to Identify Customers

LinkedIn is a powerful online resource for business-to-business sales. With LinkedIn Advanced People Search, you can find prospects by industry, location, company and other demographic and professional information. It’s an excellent way to build a list of people that you want to target. You can see an image of Advanced People Search below.

linkedin search

9. Optimize Local Directory Listings

Local directory listings are often what appear on search engines when people search for local businesses. If you’re not at the top of the list, it can be difficult for customers to find you. The top three directories are Google+ Local, Bing Places and Yahoo! Local. You want to optimize your company information for these listings. You can do this by claiming and completely filling out the listings. If you need help, consider hiring a company that specializes in local directory submission services.

10. Try Highly Targeted Advertising

It’s amazing what you can do with online advertising. You can target by gender, location, age, interests, etc. You can refine ads to even go to a single person. We’re not saying you should advertise to one person at a time. However, you should take advantage of highly targeted advertising. It can improve the chances of someone making a purchase because the messaging is highly relevant.

negative11. Monitor Competitors’ Negative Reviews

Setting up notifications on Google Alerts and Social Mention on the competition can provide you with a competitive advantage. By keeping tabs on the competition, you to see what you do better than them. You also can attract their customers when they voice dissatisfaction.

12. Participate in Community Events and Networking Groups

Make more sales by being an active member of your community. When you participate in community events and networking groups, you’ll often get free perks such as advertising or other resources. It’s an excellent way to show that you care about the community, but more importantly, it also helps expose your business to new people.

phone13. Be Good With the Phone

You want your best people to be handling phone calls at your business because sales are made and lost on the telephone. You want someone that can convince the caller to visit your store. Too often businesses don’t properly train their employees on how to talk to customers on the phone, which results in missed opporutnities Show them how to get that person into your business.

14. Get Online Reviews

Online reviews are become more and more important for local search results. Lots of positive reviews help to improve your local search rankings. They also show that you’re a reliable business. In fact, Search Engine Land says 72 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So how do you get online reviews? It all starts by asking your most loyal customers to write them. Ask them in person or send them an email.

15. Develop a Marketing Promotional Calendar

With so many daily business responsibilities, it can be hard to squeeze in time for your marketing. That’s where a marketing promotional calendar comes in handy. It can help you to stay on top of marketing initiatives and assign responsibilities to other employees with more time and expertise. A marketing promotional calendar provides you with a roadmap to plan, implement and carry out marketing initiatives so you’re not scrambling around at the last minute.

*16. Always Be Learning

As an extra bonus, here’s one more tip! Things change quickly thanks to online and mobile technologies. It’s important to stay on top of what’s going on if you want to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why it’s important to Always Be Learning!

In marketing, the three most important areas you should focus on should be search engine marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

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