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An Apology to Bryan Eisenberg

Posted on: March 2nd, 2010 by RSS Ray Show Host 1 Comment

It was brought to my attention late afternoon yesterday via Twitter that there were similarities between my presentation about improving website conversions and the one produced by Bryan Eisenberg on the same subject.

I have not been able to review the presentation by Bryan, although I have seen the written summaries of it on numerous blogs throughout the web.† I have called and left a message for Bryan, to date without response.

Upon investigation, these similarities are not coincidental, though they also were not intentional.

Due to the volume of speeches I present, I use staff members to help me prepare.† One of them attended Bryanís online discussion about improving website conversions in early January 2010. The notes from Bryanís presentation were left on my desk.† I thought them to be notes made by my staff member concerning our presentation (not the notes from Bryanís) and thus incorporated them into our final version.† I typed my outline, gave it to an entirely different staff member to produce and didnít give it another thought until yesterday.

I am chagrined by this matter.† I did not intend to plagiarize Bryanís work.† As I have not been able to compare actual presentations and have only reviewed bloggerís notes of Bryanís, I am unaware of the extent of the duplication.

I have spent five years on the radio teaching and promoting ethical online practices, only to have committed an error.† For that I am sincerely sorry.

I have apologized to Bryan via private message and hope that he accepts that apology.† He referred to me as a friend yesterday online and my strongest wish is for that friendship to continue.† I respect his work and in no way, shape, or form would knowingly claim it for my own.

I, like most of you, run a small business.† This issue has reminded me of the dangers of getting in a hurry and of not double-checking and triple-checking ones work.

Iím sorry our learning experienced impacted Bryan.† I have immediately discontinued and removed my version of the website conversion presentation.† I hope Bryan accepts my apology.


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  1. Brian,

    I accept your apology, even if I have a hard time believing the story. The presentations are too identical for having been recreated just from text notes. I already responded to your email with a link to the PDF of my presentation (the only copy other than the recorded webinar on MarketMotive). Sorry I have been on calls all morning.

    Best wishes,
    .-= Bryan Eisenberg´s last blog ..Get Over The Tool =-.

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